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NAS3 Shell Shock Technologies Starter Kit

Product Details

Ever want to try Shell Shock Technologies NAS3 cases, but didn't want to purchase cases and dies from two different websites? One stop shop here. One kit includes 1000 9mm NAS3 cases, 1000 115 gr full copper plated projectiles and the set of dies, which includes the resizer and flare.

These cases are 2x the strength of brass, handling pressures up to 65,000 psi, 1/2 the weight of brass, and eject cool to the touch and can be reloaded over 30x with a standard load. No burning yourself with a freshly fired round bouncing off the range walls and landing down your shirt here. These cases will not experience ballooning in an unsupported chamber after discharge. A fractionally larger flash hole eliminates back-face pressure, and they are magnetic for easy clean up both indoors and outdoors.

The Campro 0.356" 115 Gr RN FCP projectile has one of the thickest copper plating in the industry. Coming in at 200 microns or 0.008" this thick jacket has no maximum velocity and is guaranteed not to delaminate or gild off in your barrel.

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